Let our patented KnowlePedium be your front-end to your preferred research service.  Save time.  Capture authorities including web pages. Organize and search captured authorities your way. Copy text from the captured authorities with the full, formatted citation automatically done for you.




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Last Updated September 1, 2020


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KnowlePedium® Reseach Tool


KPTools, Inc.'s family of KnowlePedium® research tools include versions for the solo legal researcher, the small law firm, and large law firms.  Version 4.0 is now available for in single user and SQL multi-user versions (requires an SQL server.

Download Knowlepedium SQL Express

Download Knowlepedium SQL Express and SQL Express 2014 (large file; this will take time)

Download Knowlepedium SQL Pro for Microsoft SQL Servers
                                                                                   Download Knowlepedium SQL Pro for MySQL Servers


The legal research versions of the KnowlePedium® research tools are optimized for legal research and writing.  Save money: lower your research and writing costs and time and make your searches faster and more productive.  Easily integrate authority text into your writings -- with the correct legal citations automatically done for you.

Capture case law, statutes, web pages, or other files into your private database and, over time, build up your own, personal, relevant collection of authorities.  Search your captured authorities first -- find relevant authorities faster, and save time and money.  Copy selected authority text from your captured authorities into your briefs with the proper Blue Book citation appended to the copied text.  Create your own categories and associate those categories with the captured authorities and summaries.  Create your own summaries.  Browse your authorities by category.

Knowlepedium has the following features (subject to change):

  • capture and save case law, statutes, webpages
  • full text search of captured authorities, including quoted text, boolean (AND, OR, NOT), and proximity searches
  • optionally assign one or more user-created categories to each saved authority
  • browse by authority or by category
  • user created summaries
  • copy selected authority text with automatic full Blue Book citation for insertion into briefs, pleadings, other documents

Find it once ... keep it forever.SM

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