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The Nataero® Document Management System is a powerful but simple-to-use document management system.  A portion of its 1-2TB (usable) hard drive storage is protected from view and use, accessible only through the Nataero DMS system, and the remainder is available as disk storage for all LAN users.


FERRET® E-Discovery Tool

Litigators need a good, comprehensive document management tool designed for discovery production needs, not an add-on to a product that was never meant to handle discovery document management.  Litigators need the FERRET® document management tool to help manage and automate discovery.

Knowlepedium® Research Tool

KPTools, Inc.'s family of KnowlePedium® research tools include versions for the solo legal researcher, the small law firm, and large law firms.  Version 4.0 is now available for in single user and SQL multi-user versions (requires an SQL server.



The PATTRA® Patent and Trademark Docketing System allows professionals, corporations, and inventors to track US, PCT, and foreign patent applications and granted patents; US trademark applications and registered trademarks; and US copyright applications.

Knowlepedium®, FERRET®, PATTRA®, and NATAERO® are registered trademarks of KPTools, Inc. KPTools' products are protected under one or more U.S. Patents.  All original software © 2001-2020 KPTools, Inc.