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KPTools, Inc. creates cost effective, easy to use software tools that save users time and money.


The NATAERO Document Management Server is a full featured, cost effect, document management plug-in-and-use server for SOHO and small offices.  It comes completely ready-to-use out of the box with 500GB of fully managed disk storage and 500GB of non-managed disk storage.  All disk storage is configured as a RAID10 array for fault tolerance, giving extra peace of mind.  USB-based backups are also supported.  Access to managed files is easily configurable on a user-by-user or global basis, and saving/retrieving/searching for managed files is simple and powerful.  Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word), Nataero also allows for managing text and PDF formatted files.


The PATTRA Patent and Trademark Docketing and Management System is a full featured docketing and mangement system for the solo or small firm patent agent r attorney.  A flexible interface allows customization by the user, including custom forms and reporting letters.  PATTRA gives the user a complete start-to-finish tool to manage cases from disclosure through maintenance fee payments.


Electronic discovery is expensive, time consuming, and absolutely part of today's litigation reality. FERRET is a litigation document discovery management tool specifically designed to make management of electronic documents manageable during discovery. It is not web-based and gives you full control over the discovery process.  FERRET ... find it, manage it, use it.


Let KnowlePedium be your front-end to your preferred research service. Capture authorities including web pages. Organize and search captured authorities your way. Copy text from the captured authorities with the full, formatted citation automatically done for you.

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Knowlepedium, FERRET, PATTRA, and NATAERO are registered trademarks of KPTools, Inc. KPTools' products are protected under one or more U.S. Patents.  All original software 2001-2020 KPTools, Inc.